Parameter: Certificate CE Effective working area 300(X)mm*300(Y)mm*100(Z)mm ≤80mm(the distance between Z-axis and the bottom of the Max.thickness of the materials working station) Moving method Table moving Material Whole cast aluminum Working table Aircraft aluminium T slot with PVC layer Guide rail Linear round guide rail Ball screw for X Y Z-axis Transmission Driving mode (X Y Z-axis: #1605, TBI) Stepper motor ( XYZ-axis: 57BYG-311) Spindle motor 1.5KW water cooling Spindle collet type ER 11 Suitable cutter tools diameter 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm Voltage AC 220V 50/60Hz, single phase Spindle speed 0-24000rpm/min Empty travelling speed 0-8000mm/min Engraving speed 0-6000mm/min Machine accuracy 0.03mm Resetting accuracy 0.05mm Diagonal error 1mm Resolution ratio 0.005mm Control system Nc-Studio controller system Designing software Protel 99, Copper CAM Minimum line diameter 6-8mil Minimum line spacing 8mil Minimum step distance 0.003125mm Motor wire High soft specially for Numerical Control( 4*0.75) Spindle wire Shielding high soft (3*1.5) Carving Instructions G code *Uoo *mmg *plt HPGL Running environment temperature 0-45 °C Relative humidity 30%-75% Tools Accessories 24 pieces, 10 pieces drilling tools, 10 pieces engraving tools, 3 pieces corn milling tools, 1 piece bottom clearance tools Water pump(1), tools (24), power line, USB line, fixtures(4), user manual, software CDs, Ncstudio card(1), spanners(2), brush,collets(3), double faced adhes